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Our goal is to provide the best legal service at an affordable price


Possession of Controlled Substance
Drug Trafficking
Resisting an Officer

Domestic Violence
Petit Theft
Grand Theft
DWLS (Driving With License Suspended) 
Injunction Violation

The Constitution assures that A PERSON IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.  Yet, a criminal accusation can damage one’s life before he or she sets foot in a courtroom. We are here to help.

If you are accused of a crime, it is normal to want to understand the possibilities you are facing. It is crucial to hire a competitive, trustworthy lawyer to help solve your criminal case and reduce the impact that accusation has on your life. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the more opportunity we have to protect your liberty and your wellbeing while the case is pending. 

We handle criminal cases from arrest to trial, and appeal if necessary. We routinely fight for our clients on issues of bond, evidence suppression, evidentiary hearings and trials. 

If you have been accused of a crime, CALL US NOW. 

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