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Our goal is to provide the best legal service at an affordable price


M. Meza

I was fortunate to meet the lawyers of the Recoba Law Office: Megan Roth, Raúl Recoba and their entire work team, are excellent professionals with great capacity, experience, values, principles and extensive knowledge in everything they do…200% recommended

Z. Quintana

Being charged with a criminal offense can be the most stressful thing anyone experiences and as a consequence having to appear in court makes it even more difficult. However, there are lawyers who work hard to prove your innocence, and make you feel safe and even in my case I felt protected, because thank God I had the joy and blessing of being able to count on Recoba Law Office, which together with its excellent team of work provided me with the essential and exclusive information that I needed to know for them to conduct my defense in this criminal case. Mr. Raúl Recoba and Megan Roth make a wonderful team whose experience and dedication they have towards their clients is unique and constant; And of course I cannot fail to name Mr. Rey who also works with them and always treats clients excellently.

L. Salinas

Once again infinitely grateful to this team, it is always difficult to be involved in a legal problem but they make everything easier in the process. On several occasions I have needed to go to them and I have been served by both RAUL justice in person! !!!!! and with MEGAN you will always be in excellent hands and confident!!!!!! That's how I felt a few days ago and I still celebrate my victory. CONGRATULATIONS AND MUCH SUCCESS.

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